We care for performance a lot. So if you are looking for a fast website, we have 2 options:

All-in-one Register + Webshop
If speed is among your top concerns we provide a custom-made, very fast SaaS platform for websites and webshops. Where platforms like Magento or WooCommerce (on common hosting, not our WPX.si :-) will often struggle (uncached pages, cart, stock status, shops with hundreds of catalog items, multiple filters applied...) with Klik MALL responses are close to instant. You will pretty much forget talking about performance issues.

Very fast Wordpress hosting
WPX.si is our Managed Wordpress Hosting for those who want to use Wordpress or WooCommerce and manage content by themselves. It has pretty much instant responses on cached pages and extremely-fast-for-Wordpress response times on uncached pages. This hosting will make your website run as fast as possible based on your installed plugins and themes. 

Send us a message to   info@wpx.si