We provide ready made SaaS solutions for SMB e-commerce

Time has come when POS register and webshop can not be separated anymore.

Initially for our own needs and trough our own experience we've developed an All-in-One solution for SMB companies that are looking to address in-store (POS) & online (WWW) sales in a modern digital economy. Customers do not distinct a webshop from brick & mortar store anymore. Stock-management is ideally managed in one place. Regular & B2B customers look at the webshop and expect certain level of CRM etc. And with our WWW+POS solution (Klik MALL) even small business owners can serve their customers as some of the most advanced webshops do.

Our WWW+POS packages include:

  • POS register personalization,
  • in-store and on-line CRM,
  • comprehensive stock management,
  • horizontal integrations between customers-orders-catalog items-suppliers,
  • real-time and very capable (rich content) reporting systems,
  • out-of-box mobile-responsive webshop, SEO optimized, multi-lang, multi-currency support and Braintree/PayPay/Moneta payment integration,
  • fully integrated B2B POS and WWW store,
  • Flash-sales support,
  • VAT & Pricing rules (i.e. 0% VAT for B2B or selling digital items in EU),
  • lots of functionalities often available only as paid external services or modules (i.e. PDF catalog webshop integration), 
  • multi-store support (separate orders, catalog items, employees, customers, different branding and webshop...),
  • multi-vendor marketplace platform,
  • ...

For more details see klik-mall.com


Custom development

Sometimes ready-made solutions (WordPress, Magento...) or our own Klik-MALL can not provide a quick and out-of-box solution. We've successfuly completed projects that demanded custom development and thorough understanding of business process (personalizated products for customers, API integrations, advanced reports,...)


Student Info - online respository of students' notes - at its highest point it was the most visited website for students' notes in Slovenia (70.000+ unique monthly visitors in 2003 when internet usage was not as common as today). We later developed a fully integrated in-store/on-line solution for print-on-demand for a print shop.
Orders & print management, bookdepository type of webshop with partial/full preview of 2.000+ PDF files in sizes 50-200MB with a total of 90.000+ auto-created picture previews of PDF content. 

Slotrips.si / Slovenia-trips.com - a website for agency providing active tours all around Slovenia.
3.000+ daily vistors; Development of a custom interactive Map of Slovenia with Google maps, customers' GPX data and posts; Custom caching strategy for very fast (TTFB) load times;... 

DrevoImen.si / DreambookStudio.com - full stack development of a webshop where users can create a personalized book for their child based on childs' name (similar to LostMyName).
Implementation of a custom alghorithm for book creation; Merging and preparing the PDF's for print with custom stampings; Sending data and files for print-on-demand & delivery to multiple print houses via their APIs; Multi-lang support; Native multi-currency payment support in EUR, USD and GBP; Price/VAT rules based on customers' legal status for sales abroad;...

Platform for purchasing personalized items - webshop allowing a user-created (personalized) design based on provided graphics and text inputs that can result in a digital product (design for a T-shirt sticker) or a physical one with personalized design applied (i.e. birthday cake with personalized topping).
Instant automatic creation of pdf or a picture containing created design; Multi-vendor based with each vendor having pro-functionalities for his register & webshop; EU VAT rules for sales on digital items;...


Full stack all the way to hardware

Sometimes we can solve a problem with only software improvements. Sometimes hardware change is required. Sometimes an optimal solution requires for very in-depth understanding of code and hardware involved. I.e. we all love fast websites. That very often includes cache-ing techniques. That means serving "old" content (yes, in plain language that means fast site very often serve old content). And if that is good enough, great. But can be devastating if that content is obsolete or worse - wrong (like item stock status). Improving performance of a website using right cache-ing strategy requires a specific cooperation of included software and hardware. Cache-ing static websites is easy and only requires a bit more expensive hosting/servers (RAM, SSDs or even Optane NVMe). Cache-ing a dynamic webshop (that maybe even includes flash-sales) and register is a more demanding challenge.

That is why we like hardware that can improve our services, clients' needs and users' experience. We try to be bare-metal for our provided hosting as much as possible. We put our databases on NVMe Optane and have moved our media files from RAID solutions on traditional hard drives to NVMe.


Web business strategy

Working with us does not bring you only code development or SaaS service, but also council about e-commerce business. Digital economy has become quite complex, technically too demanding for average users and is also changing very fast. We provide consulting to our customers on many topics that regard business models in e-commerce (Freemium, long tail, product life cycle, network effects...), web strategy, SEO, social pages, technical issues etc.

We look at customers' bussiness issues as not as their own, but as part of ours, too. Their success is our success, too. 


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We have 10+ years of experience in e-commerce and full stack develpoment. If you are looking for solutions similar to those mentioned above, feel free to contact us.



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